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Alghadeer is strategically located at an equal distance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, at Seih Al Sdeirah, close to the border between the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The first neighbourhood to be released within Alghadeer will include maisonettes (studios, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR), townhouses (2BR+Maid, 3BR+maid) and villas (4BR+maid). All floor plans can be viewed on this website.

We are offering three payment plans: 40/60 (5% downpayment, 35% payable during construction, and 60% upon handover); 50/50 (50% downpayment, 50% upon handover); 50/50 (5% downpayment, 45% payable during construction, and 50% upon handover).

Alghadeer will feature a great number of amenities including: retail, F&B, hotel, mosques, schools, public gardens and parks, multi use sports areas, community centres, lakes, running and cycle tracks, a farming edutainment space called HARVEST - multi use agricultural led space featuring allotments, as well as THE HUB– a F&B outlet, THE STUDIO – an educational area for training and workshops, THE SHED – a dedicated area for purchasing farming tools and supplies, and THE MARKET – a retail area for freshly grown produce and THE FIELD where people can rent plots and grow their own produce.

Yes you can, subject to the agent being in possession of all relevant documentation that enables him or her to purchase real estate on your behalf.

To transfer a unit from one party to another, the owner must first have a 30% equity position in the unit. Customers will be required to pay a transfer fee of AED5,250 to Aldar and 2% of the SPA sales value to ADM. This is because once the SPA is registered with ADM, no changes are permitted without re-registering the unit with ADM.

Subject to meeting the requirements of your preferred lender, then you will be able to secure financing on your unit.

Your cheques will be deposited into an ESCROW account subject to the payment plan which is based on the project reaching certain milestones which will be set out in your SPA with Aldar.

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